Photos from the opening of my show, "Under The Guise" at The Eric Schindler Gallery 10/16/09
Ted Randler's review of, "Under The Guise" for Grid Magazine

     The human form is the foundation of my work. Figures are given autonomous reign of the canvas to engage the viewer's imagination with direct eye contact as a focal point for subjective interpretation. My paintings are conceived to let viewers draw their own conclusions as to the subject's emotional state, situation and place in life. Through color, perspective and dimension, my goal is to reconsider the seemingly ordinary. In my attempt to free myself from the confines of traditional portraiture, the emphasis is to capture a moment in the human psyche rather than strict, realistic rendering. By mixing finely worked figures against flat fields of color and pattern, the people in my paintings are thrust to the foreground to be seen in an empathetic light. It is my intention for the subjects to affect the viewers subconsciously.

Jennifer Holloway
Summer 2015


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